Carla Cummins

Carla graduated in 2008 from the BSc degree in Genetics and Bioinformatics ay NUI Maynooth with a first class honours degree.  She then started working on a PhD in the area of molecular evolution.

In 2009 Carla was awarded a prize at the Natural History Museum in London, during the Young Systematists Forum for her talk on a new method for improving our ability to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships.


This work has since then been accepted for publication in the journal Systematic Biology.

Carla has also presented her work at the Deep Metazoan Phylogeny conference in Berlin in 2009, The Systematics Association Biennial Meeting in Leiden in 2009 and at Evolution 2010 in Portland, Oregon.


Cummins, C. and McInerney, J.O. (2011) A method for inferring the rate of evolution of homologous characters that can potentially improve phylogenetic inference, resolve deep divergence and correct systematic biases. (in press,Systematic Biology). [advance access link]